Since 2011, when Finnan Maximus Camplin-Warner passed away of a Congenital Heart Disease at just 10 days old, Finnan's Gift has raised almost $2.5million for pediatric cardiac care in Australia.


With your support, Finnan's Gift will continue to help save and improve lives by providing tangible gifts to The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. Whether it be a piece of critical equipment, cutting edge technology, advanced training or greater support for patients and families, Finnan's Gift makes a difference while raising awareness of Congenital Heart Disease. 


We are incredibly proud of the many gifts made so far and all who've helped make it possible. We hope you will find it within your strong working heart to make a donation or help raise funds, which will improve the odds for all the children whose little hearts still need serious help.


With love, 

2020/2021 Fundraising Goal


to buy Surgical

Heater-Cooler Machines

raised so far

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