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Cardiac Surgery Technology Grant

Finnan’s Gift founders, Alisa and Oliver
Camplin-Warner, have handed over a $150,000
cheque to the Royal Children's Hospital,

Melbourne,  for the purchase of a world-class 
Karl Storz Vitom and Camera System for the
Cardiac Surgery Unit.



The innovative equipment records operating procedures in full high-definition, also taking still photos in theatre that will be used to provide vital imagery and training to surgeons and clinical staff, both during and post surgery. 


The technology will move the cardiac theatre and its facilities into the future, improving children’s health by providing state of the art equipment for:

·      real time high definition uninterrupted visual assistance to surgeons and the entire operating team during cardiac surgery

·      real time and post (recorded) high definition imagery for the teaching and ongoing training of surgeons, residents, interns and students with an uninterrupted view of the surgical field

·      provision of perfect motion and static imagery for research, presentations and medical journal publications advancing global cardiac surgery education 


“We are so excited that Finnan’s Gift’s latest grant is advancing how cardiac surgeons can work in the operating theatre. Thanks to this high-tech equipment, up-and-coming cardiac surgeons will see complex surgeries step-by-step before they even step into theatre. This grant is another success for Finnan’s Gift and our many supporters,” said Oliver.

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