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This year, Finnan’s Gift has committed to supporting new Point Of Care simulation module for the Echocardiology Simulation System.


Our grant will further the amazing work done in the first three years since this system was implemented, and springboard it’s impact efficiently and effectively, into its next phases of operation, ensuring greater outcomes for children with congenital heart disease.

Echocardiology Simulation

Excitingly, this system will help both the Cardiology and Anaesthetic departments,
by increasing capability of in-depth cardiac assessments for children both pre- and
post- cardiac surgery, as well as for other forms of surgery under general anaesthesia.
The insights gained will help ensure increasingly targeted treatment, quicker diagnosis
and more effective management. 


By embedding the sustainable and effective use of this system, through increased access and wider training,   the Royal Children’s Hospital will be able to reduce the length of patient stays as well as minimise the risk of procedure related complications. This means less family disruption, a quicker discharge, and focus on getting the patient and their family back ’to normal’ as soon as possible. 


This system will deliver further impact, with all ultrasounds from the system being stored in a technical platform, allowing all knowledge and findings to be accessed by all Royal Children’s Hospital clinicians, improving education and outcomes for all patients.

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