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Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Nurses Grant

The grant will allow the PICU nurses to take advantage of a number of professional development opportunities that will support their work in delivering the very best care and treatment.


Alisa and Oliver wanted to acknowledge and thank the PICU nurses who played such an important role in the medical team that cared for Finnan.

 “Their significant life-saving contribution is often over looked, they work intensive 12 hour shifts and never leave the bed of their patient.  When Finnan was in the PICU, it was the nurses who looked after him all day every day and really helped us to be a part of his care and understand all that was happening.


We cannot say enough good things about PICU nurses!!!”


The $20,000 will be utilised to fund as many relevant and important professional development opportunities as possible over the next three years.


Currently there are approximately 145 Intensive Care nurses who will be eligible to apply for the Finnan’s Gift Grant to attend various important industry conferences, enabling them to present their research and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.


The Finnan’s Gift Grant will have an ongoing impact on Intensive Care nursing development as all successful applicants will be required to share their key learnings with colleagues to benefit the entire Intensive Care Nursing team.


RCH Intensive Care Nurse Unit Manager, Adrian Hutchinson says the grant will make a significant contribution to supporting Intensive Care nurses at the RCH.


“Finnan’s Gift Grant will allow our Intensive Care Nurses to take advantage of a number of opportunities that will support their work in delivering the very best treatments to our sickest children,” he said.


Alisa and Oliver also announced that the intended recipient of the 2013 Finnan’s Gift Grant will be the team of perfusionists at the RCH. The perfusionist team operate the sophisticated life-support machines that manage the work of the heart and lungs whilst surgeons operate.

April 2012 saw the first Finnan’s Gift Grant make a significant contribution to support the wonderful Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) nurses at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

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