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This year Finnan’s Gift is committed to buying a HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Machine -  a first of it's kind, leading edge machine that is crucial to a joint research study undertaken between the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The study will seek to understand why surviors of CHD as children, now adults, may have limited ability to increase blood flow around the body, particularly during exercise. With the help of 'old' heart kids and the HemoSphere Monitoring Machine, we're hoping to improve future outcomes for patients, ensuring they can maximise all physical capabilities, in order to cope with the physical stress of daily activities

HemoSphere Advanced

The insights gained from the HemoSphere Machine are through measuring intracardiac and arterial blood pressures during exercise in adult survivors of complex congenital heart disease - essentially the pressures and flow within blood vessels and the heart. 

Professor Michael Cheung, Director of Cardiology at the RCH, believes the findings from the study may lead to interventions for children and adult survivors of Congential Heart Disease, saying "we predict that patient who have had the most complex forms of heart disease may have different blood pressure responses in the heart and lung arteries when performing exercise. As our patients increasingly reach adulthood after having heart surgery as young infants, we want to make sure that we can maximise their physical capabilities to take advantage of all the benefits of exercise, and cope with the physical stress of daily activities." 

If you'd like to be a part of this incredible initiative that links the experiences and histories of recovered heart kids to improve outcomes for future heart kids, click below to donate!

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