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Finnan's Gifts to the RCH over 12 years!


Echocardiology Surgical Simulation System

In 2023, your generosity has helped buy the RCH the transoesophageal echocardiography surgical simulation technology the cardiac care team so dearly wanted.  Compared with other ultrasound technology, the transesophageal echocardiogram, provides doctors with the clearest and most detailed image of the heart’s structure and function, and helps guide surgery.


This state-of-the-art teaching device will assist the next generation of doctors and anaesthetic professionals at the RCH to hone their skills, as they prepare to perform some of the most complex life saving surgical procedures on young patients.

As the largest paediatric heart centre in Australia, the RCH’s Cardiology Department attracts cardiac trainees from across the country and abroad.  Together, through Finnan’s Gift, we’re helping the brightest medical minds to access the most advanced simulation training, so they can practice critical skills in a time-unrestricted and low pressure environment before applying these skills in theatre.


HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Machine

This year Finnan’s Gift is committed to buying a HemoSphere Advanced Monitoring Machine -  a first of it's kind, leading edge machine that is crucial to a joint research study undertaken between the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The study will seek to understand why surviors of CHD as children, now adults, may have limited ability to increase blood flow around the body, particularly during exercise. With the help of 'old' heart kids and the HemoSphere Monitoring Machine, we're hoping to improve future outcomes for patients, ensuring they can maximise all physical capabilities, in order to copy with the physical stress of daily activities



Finnan's Gift Donors


Cardio-Oncology Initiative


The 2018 Finnan’s Gift Grant will support an Australian-first Cardio-Oncology Service for children with childhood cancer at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Our $200,000 fundraising goal will allow the purchase of a portable Echo Machine that will increase timely access to cardiology services for children with childhood cancer, while also furthering research and education.  The clinic will increase the number of protected echo tests in a familiar environment for patients and their families, reducing stress and providing excellent clinical outcomes with a consistent and sustainable approach to care. 


New Technology for the Cardiac Surgery Unit 

Finnan's Gift founders, Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner, have announced that the 2017 Grant will be for a Karl Storz Vitom and Camera System for the Cardiac Surgery Unit, requiring a fundraising goal of $150,000.


The innovative equipment records operating procedures in full high-definition, also taking still photos in theatre that will be used to provide vital imagery and training to surgeons and clinical staff, both during and post surgery. 


Upgrade the Arrhythmia Treatment Equipment


Finnan's Gift reached it's outstanding fundraising target of $150,000 by March 2016 to upgrade the Arrhythmia treatment equiptment at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

The new technology’s remarkable accuracy at identifying and targeting the affected area of the heart to destroy any abnormal electrical impulses causing Arrhythmia. This will result in shorter, less invasive surgical procedures, as well as reduced waiting times for patients, with more children able to be successfully treated each year.


New Pumps for Heart/Lung Life Support Machines


Finnan's Gift reached its ambitious fundraising goal of $250,000 to purchase new pumps for the RCH's heart/lung life support machines.

These vital machines take over the child's heart and lung functions to give their organs the rest needed to recover. The life support machines are used for the RCH's sickest cardiac patients who would be unlikely to survive without them.


Monitors for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit


Finnan’s Gift reached its fundraising goal of $75,000 which will provide the hospital with six Near Infrared Spectroscopy monitors to be used on its sickest patients in intensive care.

Data obtained from these monitors will enable RCH medical staff to pick up early warning signs which may potentially save a child’s life.


Perfusion team at the RCH 

With a fundraising goal of $20,000, the 2013 Finnan’s Gift Grant will be focused on continuing international leadership and advancing essential equipment needed by The Royal Children's Hospital perfusion team.


Paediatric Intensive Care Nurses

April 2012 saw the first Finnan’s Gift Grant made to the wonderful Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) nurses.

This $20,000 grant will fund an internal/external further education program for the PICU nurses who are currently not financially supported to attend or present at industry conferences


Echocardiology Scanner

In 2011 Finnan's Gift was launched with the goal of raising $300,000 to buy a much needed echocardiology machine for the Cardiology Department at the RCH. 

On the 20 October 2011, this crucial piece of medical equipment was unveiled by Alisa and Oliver Camplin-Warner and handed over to the RCH Cardiology Department.

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