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Patient and Carer Education & Support

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This year marks the 13th year of Finnan’s Gift - a MILESTONE BIRTHDAY! In celebration, we are going to do something BIG to help patients and their families better navigate the heartbreaking complexity of CHD before, during and after surgery. We will provide lifelong education and support!

In such a special year, we want to deliver an ambitious project: a toolkit that provides greater understanding, education and support for patients and their families as they navigate their unique Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) journey.


"No family is ready to hear that their child has a CHD, nor are they ready to absorb, let alone understand everything that entails. It's a tumultous multi step process, many interventions might be necessary, and the recovery process can be long and bumpy - mentally, emotionally and physically.  This year's Finnan's Gift Grant is going to be life changing to so many people across Australia...we truly hope the broader community will be inspired to donate”, said Alisa Camplin-Warner

"The aim is to create something new, interactive, easily accessible, digitally advanced and most importantly 'game changing' for patients, carers and families no matter where they live in the country.  This won't just be a static handbook, rather a researched based multi dimensional immersive program with 3D props, video's, downloadables and interactive activities. We hope to improve the understanding, resilience, mental health and neurodevelopment of patients, and their families". 

Oliver Camplin-Warner added: “We’ve been blown away by how generous people continue to be in donating to Finnan’s Gift. Every year our aim is to keep things simple, transparent and impactful. Every donor can walk into the RCH and see our collective efforts making a genuine difference.” 

Finnan's Gift is thrilled to support the teamwork between the RCH's Cardiology and Neuropsychology departments, to deliver this goal. 

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